Award-Winning Technology Revolutionizes Global Health Market

MiVital, a swiss based company, relies on innovation and aspiration. Award-winning technology is used in the development of the vital liquid substance products, which guarantees the highest possible bioavailability and purity.

The term “bioavailability” indicates the proportion of the substance ingested that can actually be absorbed by the human organism. The bioavailability of sparingly and fat-soluble substances is very low and is usually only a fraction of the amount consumed. This means that, for example, when taking vitamin D, the majority of the amount administered often can’t be used by our bodies. For particularly valuable natural essences like curcumin or cannabinoids such as CBD: the majority of the active ingredients are excreted unused and, in the worst case, continue to burden the organism. In addition, the body’s ability to absorb fat-soluble substances decreases significantly with age.

The solution lies in a well thought-out biophysical process: the so-called “micelle formation” converts substances that are sparingly and fat-soluble into a water-soluble form. The active substance molecules exist in their smallest form – referred to in technical jargon as “NutraNanoSpheres” – and are brought directly to their destination in our organism via our own so-called „waterway”.

The term “micelle” comes from the Latin root word “mica” and translates as “small lump”. A fat-soluble molecule is encapsulated in a “water-friendly” shell. This means that even substances that are difficult to dissolve can now be easily absorbed. In the case of MiVital, valuable, natural active ingredients (e.g. curcumin, vitamin D, etc.) can be dosed individually and provided without any loss of effectiveness.

Unlike liposomes, micelles are particularly dimensionally stable and thus prove to be superior to liposomes. Liposomes can be easily destroyed on their way through the human digestive tract. Micelles, on the other hand, keep the molecule enclosed in the core on the long way through our organism. This maximizes the so-called bioavailability. Likewise, micelles usually do not require any additional stabilizers and are also not susceptible to oxidation.

The so-called “encapsulated” state of the molecules leads to a high thermal, mechanical, sensory and microbiological stability. It is now also guaranteed that the ingested natural substance passes through the gastrointestinal passage without being destroyed or changed by the stomach acid. The effect of this water-soluble dosage form has been scientifically proven and enables individual and highly precise delivery of concentrated natural formulas.

Due to the natural transport system of micellization, valuable pharmaceutically active micelles can be generated through the miVital technology. This process enables valuable active ingredients to develop their full and intended potential. The miVital process opens up exclusive opportunities in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The human organism constantly forms its own micelles to digest certain substances. This process is very energy and time consuming for the body, which limits the amount of substances that can be absorbed. With the preparation of micelles from natural raw materials, the body is relieved of this necessary step. The unique and patented process of miVital AG gives selected substances optimal bioavailability. This way, the body can directly absorb and utilize otherwise poorly soluble substances.

Since the target substances are surrounded by an amphiphilic shell, which is itself water-soluble, the active ingredient contained therein can reach its destination directly. Of course, well-known substances are used that revolutionize the effect of various substances. This new type of administration changes the pharmacokinetics of active ingredients. This means that more specific dosages and smaller amounts of a substance can be administered with the same benefit.

MiVital has succeeded in further improving this long-established method of micelle formation. The result is a deeper purity and a proven bioavailability of 95% and higher.

The confirmed results are fascinating and just as convincing. Anti-aging on a completely new level.

“I am honored to make this great technology and knowledge accessible to many people”, says Inspiration Factory CEO Hannes Sommer, “We have been internationally successful in the health sector for almost two decades and have always been able to discover new, great innovations and make them known worldwide. This time it will be a very special journey with the great team of the Swiss company MiVital.”

As a pioneer in the field of health research MiVital takes on the important responsibility, to further develop and manufacture the series of products by the same name. A groundbreaking achievement that can only be surpassed by one source: nature itself.

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