B4H Group Continues Expansion: New Subsidiary HybriStar Germany GmbH Presents High-Performance PVT Collector

B4H Group, an industry leader in the renewable energy sector, continues to expand and has launched a new subsidiary, HybriStar Germany GmbH. The company is introducing an innovative PVT collector, marketed under the brand name “Sunsation,” which sets new standards for efficiency and functionality. The move underscores the company’s ambition to gain a further foothold in the booming photovoltaic (PV) market. 

“With the establishment of HybriStar Germany GmbH, we are continuing our strategy of offering innovative and efficient solutions for the growing energy market,” said B4H Group Managing Director Wolfgang Balthasar. “Our new Sunsation PVT collector is a milestone that could revolutionize the renewable energy market.”


A Glimpse into the Future

The size of the global PV market is climbing exponentially, driven by growing electricity demand and increasing awareness of renewable energy. According to current forecasts, the global market for photovoltaic installations is expected to grow to more than 200 billion euros in the next five years. This development offers enormous potential for companies like B4H Group and its subsidiary HybriStar Germany GmbH.

The PVT industry represents a rapidly growing future market.


High-efficiency PVT Collectors

With the introduction of high-efficiency Sunsation PVT collectors, HybriStar Germany GmbH positions itself at the forefront of technological innovation in renewable energy. The collectors developed by the company are not only known for their high efficiency and high quality but also stand out for their versatility. They specialize in generating thermal and electrical energy in a single system, making them an optimal solution for various uses, from private homes to large-scale industrial applications.


Planned Expansion

HybriStar Germany GmbH plans to expand its market presence in Germany and internationally in the coming years. “Our vision is clear: we want to offer our innovative product not only in Germany but also in Europe and the USA. This is the next logical step in our corporate strategy,” said Hannes Sommer, Head of Business Development Management.


About B4H Group
B4H Group is a leading renewable energy company headquartered in Guben, Germany. Since its creation in 2015, the company has specialized in developing and marketing innovative energy systems.