BIDashboard: The Future of the Real Estate Industry

The digitization and the associated innovations will fundamentally change real estate and thus the business model of real estate service providers in the near future, and they are already doing so. To take it a step further: The outlook for real estate service providers is only positive in the long term if they adapt to the changing conditions early on and actively shape the transformation.

Considering the wealth of data that can be generated from properties and their users’ behavior, it is a logical conclusion that those companies specialized in processing user data are strongly pushing into the real estate service market.

The Business Intelligence Dashboard (BID) addresses this precisely and aims to create sustainable value and offer a leading, intuitive, and data-driven platform in the real estate industry.

In a continuously growing market – and we are talking about an industry traditionally characterized by manual processes and outdated systems – we are looking at a globally estimated potential for real estate management software of around 22 billion USD in 2023, expected to grow to over 50 billion USD by 2032, driven by the digitization of the industry. Here, the BIDashboard stands out significantly from the competition with its unique combination of user-friendliness, adaptability, and technological innovation. The platform integrates complex data from various sources into a unified “data lake,” utilizes advanced technologies such as predictive analytics and machine learning, thus providing deeper insights and precise forecasts.

To operate as an integrated, value-adding real estate service provider in the future, it is essential to understand how users’ requirements will change in the coming years. This is where we see the strength and intersection for the development team and the Creative Department of the Inspiration Factory.

“The prospects, along with the inevitable trend towards AI, demonstrate a well above-average potential, a convergence of events that offers a promising future for this startup.” – Hannes Sommer.

The Inspiration Factory and BID Consulting GmbH are working in partnership to drive the development and release of this software.

By analyzing the information provided by sensors (location-based data, Augmented Reality), real estate service providers can better align their services with users’ requirements in the future, thus achieving increased customer satisfaction.

The consolidation of all relevant data in one place on a cloud-based platform enables unprecedented transparency and control over your real estate assets, from the societal level down to the individual apartment. With an intuitive filtering function and the ability to customize key performance indicators, the BID Dashboard revolutionizes real estate and reporting management, accelerates strategic decisions, and provides valuable business insights – all accessible with just a few clicks, anytime and anywhere.

With the BID Dashboard, you experience efficient real estate management and complete cost control, particularly crucial in economically challenging times, as well as proactive transparency in all areas of your real estate assets.