Clinical Study Proven Solution For Back Patients

“Chronic back pain restricts our quality of life and ability to work in a way that probably no other cause does at the moment.” Florian Maria Alfen, spine specialist Int. TES surgeon President of GMKT, describes the current global pandemic of back pain sufferers. “From my own experience and my deepest conviction, I have – together with a great team of scientists and technicians – developed a concept with which back pain can be effectively and sustainably eliminated in a short time without having to operate.”

Chronic back pain is mostly the result of weak deep muscles. These muscles are responsible for keeping the spine upright and making it stable. They cannot be tensed at will. The deep back muscles, which connect and stabilize the individual vertebral segments, are weakend step by step, as our everyday movements are no longer geared towards sufficient movement. The autochthonous muscles of the spine can only be built up through isolated muscle training. In contrast to the superficial back muscles, which can be trained in the gym, for example, this muscle group is not so easy to train because, in addition to targeted muscle work, it is also surrounded by a very tight layer of connective tissue.

Dr. Florian Maria Alfen: “With the use of the special Powerspine training devices as part of the training therapy according to Dr. Alfen it is possible to train the autochthonous cervical and lumbar spine muscles in isolation. This means that the superficial muscles, which are used in conventional training, are almost completely excluded from movement through special fixations and special ergonomic requirements. And in this way the cause of the back pain can be eliminated in a targeted manner.”

Data collected over many years from clinical tests and studies show that over 88% of people with back problems who suffered after training therapy according to Dr. Alfen reported significant improvement in their pain and symptoms (Spang et al., 2017; Alfen & Spang, 2017). These results are particularly astonishing because a large proportion of the patients had clear surgical indications, such as herniated discs and stenoses.

“After a total of more than 450,000 training units with more than 18,000 users, we can clearly show that insufficiently developed autochthonous back muscles are the cause of back pain in the spinal area in most people. The therapy concept according to Dr. Alfen is based on the latest scientific findings and is therefore able to effectively treat acute as well as chronic neck and back complaints. Through the continuous exchange with researchers and scientists as well as through cross-border cooperation with internationally renowned universities, quality and effect are continuously monitored and thus the therapy concept is constantly optimized.”

The Creative Department of the Inspiration Factory shows itself to be partly responsible for the realization of the film recordings as well as the recording of the overall concept: “Dr. Alfen and the implementation of the Power Spine concept is an essential step in the right direction, ”explains Hannes Sommer, CEO of the Inspiration Factory. “In the midst of a worldwide back pain pandemic, this amazing concept for training therapy according to Dr. Alfen definitely offers an effective solution.”

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