EverCraft Ecotechnologies: The Future Of Carbon Nanotubes

The desire to integrate ecological values ​​into the economy and our daily life is becoming noticeably stronger worldwide.

Under this premise, the technology company EverCraft Ecotechnologies opens new paths and markets. The development of entirely new processes creates high-tech products and impresses with energy-saving and environmentally friendly production methods.

“Our goal is to implement sustainable processes in the economy while simultaneously creating high-tech products that open up new markets and opportunities for humankind,” says Hannes Sommer, CEO of the Inspiration Factory and co-founder of EverCraft Ecotechnologies.

The company’s unique CO2 splitting technology enables the production of high-quality products without harming the environment and produces green hydrogen as a by-product.

The by-product of green hydrogen alone sets a trend for the future. The EU Commission plans to replace gray hydrogen (fossil fuel), which is currently being used, with green hydrogen by 2030.

Thanks to the almost emission-free energy generation and other high-tech materials such as CNTs and graphene, the company can significantly reduce the amount of polluting CO2. Tradeable carbon credits can be generated for every ton of carbon dioxide saved.

The company’s most influential technology partner is AGT (Agency for Green Technology), which uses patented processes (ACA and LCT) for sustainable, carbon-neutral and emission-free production of hydrogen, carbon nanotubes (CNT), graphene and carbon-neutral synthetic fuels from polluting biomass, organic waste, carbon dioxide, and cheap methane.

The project implementation and further development will occur under the direction of Manfred Lenzi, the founder, scientist, and Director of Science at EverCraft Ecotechnologies. With the support of the renowned plant manufacturer Eisenmann, AGT’s innovative technologies could be prepared for commercial use.

As a further scientific partner, the elite University of St. Andrews also plays an important role. Their research results and successes in this area, including published work in renowned journals, underline the prospects for the success of EverCraft’s technologies.

“The billion-dollar markets of the semiconductor industry (CNTs as a substitute for silicon), the areas of the biomedical industry and regenerative medicine (drugs, cancer therapies, tissue engineering, body implants, and medical devices), as well as the global battery and accumulator market, are our potential partners,” says EverCraft Co-Founder and CEO of the Inspiration Factory Hannes Sommer, offering an insight into the future of the company.

Finally, he notes: “With the low-temperature process of LCT technology instead of the usual incineration, EverCraft Ecotechnologies is setting a milestone in the environmentally friendly transformation of problematic biological substances.”

Company Website: www.evercraft.eco

EverCraft Ecotechnologies is a company that sets new standards in environmentally friendly raw material extraction and, with its technology, offers unique solutions for processing and manufacturing high-quality raw material products. The company aims to make Web3 innovation engaging and easy to discover by creating a platform that guides projects from the earliest stages and focuses on sustainability.