German Quality Brand Takes On Global Expansion

For more than 30 years, biologist Dr. Peter Hartig has been passionate about researching microalgae and developing high-quality dietary supplements. He finds his inspiration and motivation in nature itself – the water and the plants. Together with his science team, he allows ancient knowledge and modern research to flow together harmoniously. He puts his work at the service of his fellow humans, whose well-being is very important to him.

In January 2021, Dr. Peter Hartig teamed up with the Inspiration Factory. “The quality and care that the company around Dr. Peter Hartig conveyed, completely convinced us, we saw potential for a much greater range here” says Hannes Sommer, CEO and head art director of the Inspiration Factory. “Within the next 24 months we want to develop and position the brand and product range in such a way that we can bring an expansion that will extend far beyond the German borders into a perfect starting position.“

All Dr. Peter Hartig®️ products are regularly controlled by well-known institutes such as the Technical Food- and Environmentanalytics GmbH (TeLA) and the food chemist Dr. Norbert Helle. Analyzes regularly certify that the products are of the highest quality. A difference that customers can feel.

Hannes Sommer, CEO and Head Art Director of the Inspiration Factory, sees great potential in the collaboration: “Since I’ve been working in the health sector for around 25 years myself, as a consultant for several so-called“ Billion Dollar Companies ”, some innovations I know the potential of the healthcare market. Especially when it comes to so-called “functional medicine”. Our company has therefore specialized in the marketing of such products and concepts. The overall concept of Dr. Peter Hartig is unique in every respect.“

Gernot “Gery” Scheriau, Senior Director of Creative Media at the Inspiration Factory, adds: “In the case of Dr. In addition to extraordinary product developments, Peter Hartig also adds that Peter Hartig is a person who lives this 100% himself, conveys an extremely high level of authenticity and thus experiences a high level of trust among people. The reach and popularity of Dr. Peter Hartig in the German-speaking area is already enormous and growing every day. And we are certain that Dr. Peter Hartig will also experience a similar response on the international stage. The world is changing and needs to learn more about the power of nature. And Dr. Peter Hartig conveys exactly this in a unique way.”

Dr. Peter Hartig is enthusiastic about the expansion: “We are delighted to be working with the Inspiration Factory team and are deeply convinced of the experience of the marketing experts involved, especially in the healthcare industry. My big goal is to make the wonder of nature accessible to as many people as possible in the form of natural food supplements!”

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