Inspiration Factory Publishes The Ultimate Super Tool For Online Sales

Digital sales on a practically unlimited online marketplace are an attractive ground for countless companies and emerging ideas and realizations. New ideas and solutions are constantly being sought to make online sales as exciting and innovative as possible and to break new ground. Inspiration Factory is currently releasing its latest master tool for digital sales. More than 9 years of development time and around 20 years of experience in online sales and sales development as well as an extremely committed development team form the basis of FlowMagnet. A highly innovative and completely new presentation and sales tool for the entire online market.

Hannes Sommer, CEO Inspiration Factory who is the primary source of ideas for the software project, shares his joy with the final implementation: “FlowMagnet is the fusion of the most essential and effective components in online marketing and thus becomes the perfect weapon in digital sales. Whether in the classic funnel, in direct sales, for small or large presentations, training and education, in the follow-up, as well as in communication – FlowMagnet combines the best that the online world has to offer and thus creates the ultimate super tool for everyone who uses digital sales and is looking for new ways and solutions.“

The Software Developer at Inspiration Factory and Co Founder of, states it very clear: “Online sales automation is the crucial key to boosting revenue while reducing costs. Current numbers tell us that about a third of all sales tasks can be automated. As soon as people understand the whole concept of they really get excited and start to see the entire online market completely different. “

Sales automation is the essential solution to all your head stressing scenarios in sales tasks. Sales automation allows you to collect appropriate stats about the consumers. The gathered customer data helps you in figuring out the wants and needs of your clients. Subsequently, you can develop your own methods defining the purposes that get you a lot more clients.

„ We define sales automation as any type of technology that is able to duplicate human cognitive capacity, such as logical reasoning, pattern acknowledgment, and more, thus minimizing manual labor in a provided sales process.”, states Riccardo Lazzari, Director of Innovation and Marketing at Inspiration Factory.
FlowMagnet is currently in version 1.1.4 and offers essential features that were not yet available in this constellation. Further updates and interfaces are about to be released.

“I have been working on the implementation and realization of this idea since 2012”, says Hannes Sommer, “At that time the technology was not yet mature enough. Today we have the appropriate prerequisites and so we were able to combine our years of experience in developing effective online sales strategies into a new and unique digital super tool. “

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