Inspiration Factory Supports Project For Natural Disinfection

Disinfection is not just disinfection. A topic that today should interest everyone who cares about their own health and the health of their family. But the ingredients of conventional disinfectants are largely harmful to our health and also pollute the environment. It is frightening how carelessly, negligently and also ignorantly disinfectants are used today.

Protect Aqua breaks new ground in this area towards natural disinfection. The company’s products are made exclusively with water, salt, electricity and “know-how” and the result is a reliable, antibacterial, viral and fungicidal effect.

In a completely natural manufacturing process and 100% without alcohol, an electrochemically activated mineral salt solution is created, consisting of the purest water and high-quality salt. This means that Protect Aqua products are absolutely harmless to humans, animals and the environment and thus is also the perfect solution for contact with food.

The underlying active ingredient complex, based on the human immune system, neutralizes germs and bacteria. This makes Protect Aqua ideal for disinfection, cleaning and odor / allergen neutralization in human and animal environments. The product effectiveness is based on the high oxidative power and the stable pH and redox values. This means that the otherwise common use of aldehydes and other synthetic agents can be completely dispensed with.

The consistent avoidance of harmful chemicals and the nevertheless highly efficient elimination of viruses, bacteria, germs, as well as the breakdown of the biofilm in the drinking water pipe network offer an effective answer to the question of a powerful, ecological and economically sensible disinfectant and oxidant without harmful side effects.

Hannes Sommer, CEO of the Inspiration Factory: “As a father of 3 children, I am aware of the importance of regular disinfection. However, for me chemical or harmful products a an absolute no-go. A natural, effective solution is the answer for people, animals and the environment. We supported the team around Protect Aqua with great pleasure in order to provide information in this area and to be able to offer people natural solutions.”

The Protect Aqua production process guarantees high-quality products that meet all statutory parameters and are subject to strict quality control during manufacture.

The areas of application are diverse and include broadband disinfection, surface disinfection, hand disinfection, spray and aerosol disinfection (for rooms, surfaces and textiles in trade and households).

Gernot Scheriau, Senior Director of Creative Media at the Inspiration Factory: “Disinfection is such an important topic, especially nowadays, and I am always frightened anew how ignorant and naive people are handling chemical agents and are aware of the health risks of these products. That is why it was an ethical and moral concern for us to support the East Tyrolean company Protect Aqua in establishing a completely natural but highly efficient broadband disinfection. A matter close to the heart for people, animals and the environment!”

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