MatrixChange – Blockchain Trading Platform Expands With Tokenized Projects

All digital currencies have in common that they need a trading platform where buyers and sellers can meet to trade their digital coins.

On most platforms, a lack of security for the deposited coins plays a major role and the risk of loss with p.ex. Hacker attacks are always on the shoulders of the user and not on the platform. Complicated handling and high transaction costs (up to 30% of the trading volume) also make the process extremely difficult.

This is exactly where the MatrixChange offers innovative solutions, for users as well as for companies. MatrixChange is a sophisticated blockchain-based trading platform for digital currencies and offers maximum security for stored digital coins. The advantages for the user are obvious. The decentralized administration makes it practically impossible for hackers to steal coins and through documented transactions and complete transparency as well as the highest security standards (2FA, KY, password, etc.) and compliance with the financial supervisory laws, users get the ideal environment to use the digital world in the best possible way.

The Matrixchange has specialized in tokenized projects like no other trading platform in the world has done so far, with the intention of supporting sustainable and innovative ideas that have the potential to improve the world in the future.

Hannes Sommer, CEO of the Inspiration Factory: “The form of tokenization is a very interesting business model. Especially in connection with sustainable projects, immensely profitable concepts are created that are also valuable for the planet. The Inspiration Factory sees great added value in this combination and is currently accompanying the Matrixchange in the areas of business expansion and marketing.”

Matrixchange realizes a tokenization of the respective projects for startups as well as for established companies. With a network of innovative experts from the fields of blockchain technology, digital currencies and assets, banking, marketing, law and IT, a competent team was created, which has been working together very well for many years.

With the Matrixchange, every user worldwide can process transactions in the most popular digital currencies at low fees and companies have the option of fast, bank-independent financing and the implementation of their projects, with the greatest possible flexibility, security and transparency.

The simple access and uncomplicated process, via smartphone, tablet, notebook or PC, form the basis for the MatrixChange and offer an extremely high level of usability. MatrixChange offers its users a clear user interface and uncomplicated options for deposits and withdrawals. This allows users to trade directly and securely with one another. The P2P interface connects buyers and sellers directly with one another. This offers a quick and secure way to easily handle trading in coins.

Gernot Scheriau, Senior Director of Creative Media at the Inspiration Factory, adds: “It has never been so easy and at the same time efficient to combine concepts with a digital matrix that not only allows investors to receive fully transparent real-time feedback, but also to maximize profit options.”

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