One Of The Most Unique Innovations On The Hemp Market

The German health group Natura Vitalis recently presented a world first on the health market: CBD Soft Gums with an active accelerator for maximum bioavailability and a taste that is new to CBD.

“Our new CBD softgums are unique in the world, both in taste and effect. The soft gum dissolves in the mouth through buccal absorption (absorption through the oral mucosa). In addition, our Soft Gums contain integrated accelerators for active and increased transport through the oral mucous membranes, ”explains Natura Vitalis founder Frank Felte. “The absorption is also referred to as a so-called“ bypass effect”. This means that the gastrointestinal tract is bypassed and the active ingredient reaches the superior vena cava via the blood vessels of the oral mucosa, which then leads directly to the right heart. Thus, the liver passage is completely bypassed and the CBD is fully available to the organism and is therefore not structurally or biochemically changed. The effect cannot be compared with other products.“

Hannes Sommer, CEO of the Inspiration Factory, on the worldwide trend of hemp: “CBD products are generally very popular. The specific properties of the hemp extract “cannabidiol” (CBD) are considered to be well researched and safe, so that the market is experiencing a sustained trend. If you search the Internet for suitable products, the Natura Vitalis product clearly stands out.”

In addition to the high so-called “bioavailability”, it is above all the taste that sets it apart from conventional hemp products, which usually taste bitter. Natura Vitalis founder Frank Felte: “Despite the high CBD content (20 mg per soft gum), the soft gums do not have the usual, earthy CBD taste. The reason: The chewy candies contain orange oil, which neutralizes the inherent taste and gives the product a very pleasant freshness. “We look forward to the cooperation with the Inspiration Factory and to a successful product launch!”

When it comes to production and product quality, the award-winning company Natura Vitalis has over 20 years of experience and a name that is highly praised in Germany: “For our soft gums, we only use traditionally produced hemp leaf extract from EU-certified industrial hemp cultivation of the Cannabis sativa L plant, naturally occurring spectrum of cannabinoids – such as the cannabinoid CBD (cannabidiol), which is extremely popular because of its incredible effects.”

In addition, the CBD Soft Gums from Natura Vitalis have been enriched with vitamins C, B12 and D and thus offer other important active ingredients. The CBD SOFT GUMS are sweetened with stevia, which is practically calorie-free and contains no sugar. “Good for your teeth, your blood sugar level and your figure will also be happy about this calorie-free natural sweetness.”

“The CBD soft gums not only taste good, they are also extremely practical as soft chewy candies!”, Hannes Sommer analyzes the market positioning, “The sporty, healthy gums allow discreet consumption anytime and anywhere. Ideal for traveling and on the go.”

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