SmartKiri – Sustainability for our planet

With a constantly growing world population, sustainable energy solutions are a big issue. New innovative projects are the key and especially the area of stable greenwood production shows enormous potential. Economic profitability and ecological balance enter into a perfect symbiosis and open up a unique way to bring humans and nature together.

The kiri tree, also known as the emperor tree, bell tree or under its botanical name ‘paulownia’, is the fastest growing precious wood tree in the world and therefore the most productive tree on earth. It can grow up to 5 meters in just one year and reaches its full height of up to 15 meters within 8 years. The wood of the kiri tree is considered to be one of the most valuable woods today, especially because of its light weight and its very high stability. Due to these properties, it is often used in boat and aircraft construction, but also for surfboards/ski boards, furniture and musical instruments.

The Kiri tree does not make high demands on its environment and prefers a moderately dry soil and a warm location with lots of sun. Kiri trees can absorb up to 40 tons of CO2 per hectare annually and the deep root system of the kiri trees (up to 5 meters deep) creates valuable humus by absorbing nutrients from deeper layers and bringing them to the surface.

Since kiri wood can replace real tropical wood, it makes a significant contribution to reducing the pressure on global forest resources. SmartKiri is an eco-conscious project that combines all the wonderful properties of the Kiri tree and innovative digital token investment. This clever combination offers investors a unique opportunity to grow their wealth while supporting the environment by planting kiri trees to do their part to save the rainforest.

Gernot Scheriau, Senior Director of Creative Media at the Inspiration Factory, will contribute his many years of experience in the field of ecological concepts and sustainability to the management of the new company: “SmartKiri combines everything that a company has to offer in order to create meaningful solutions on a strongly new basis to establish the aligning market. The combination of highly efficient ecology and sustainability in the sphere of the Kiri plantations and the CO2 certifications that are so important for corporations bring the value of the token to the fore. Digitally advanced and at the center of essential trends, as well as in the heart of nature.”

SmartKiri – The perfect symbiosis of nature and tokenization

Acting responsibly is the most important guideline at SmartKiri. The project helps to conserve valuable resources and contributes to maintaining an environment worth living in. With an extremely sustainable wood production, Smartkiri not only creates a multitude of positive ecological and social elements, but above all an unprecedented economic efficiency.

In order to achieve climate goals and reduce CO2 emissions, companies need a clear strategy for climate neutrality. This is exactly where SmartKiri offers a simple solution for small and large companies.

If a company wants to release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, it needs emission rights in Europe. A CO2 certificate entitles you to produce one ton of carbon dioxide within a certain period. At SmartKiri, companies can purchase CO2 certificates and thus meet all guidelines for climate protection.

Jan Schludermann, Vice President of Gesundes Europa, states: “Green, climate-conscious projects that make a significant contribution to the carbon footprint are very crucial. SmartKiri makes an innovative, forward-looking contribution here. The SmartKiri trees are environmentally friendly, improve our climate and ultimately – thanks to their light, stable precious wood – can be used in many ways.”

Investing in the timber market has always proven very profitable over the centuries, but it has one major disadvantage: trees grow very, very slowly. SmartKiri combines the well-known safety and economy of the wood market with the necessary flexibility and simplicity. The perfect combination for the healthy future of our planet.

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