The Perfect Symbiosis Of Nature And Tokenization

Investments in the wood market have always proven to be very profitable over the centuries – with one disadvantage: trees grow very slowly. This tokenization business model combines the well-known security and profitability with the necessary flexibility and simplicity. The “NAOS” token was launched as part of the “Wonderkiri” start-up. Its value is directly linked to the enormously fast growing Kiri tree plantations – this makes the token extremely profitable and just as stable in value. The NAOS token can be conveniently purchased with just a few clicks. Then you can watch it grow – and then sell it for a profit.

The NAOS token thus combines unspoilt nature with modernity. It is an investment based on blockchain technology and works in a similar way than a bond. The whole thing is absolutely uncomplicated in its real implementation and almost completely safe. The equivalent of the token are kiri tree plantations – the fastest growing trees in the world.

The value of the NAOS token increases not only through the distribution and demand, its value also increases in this business model, and especially through the biological growth of the kiri trees.

Investors don’t buy the tree, they buy the NAOS token. And its value is growing just as fast as the kiri tree. The investor has direct access and unlimited flexibility; the token can be sold at any time. This means the lowest possible risk with maximum control over the development.

The kiri tree (paulownia) is the fastest growing precious wood tree in the world! Within 8 years it reaches its full height of up to 15 meters. Then the diameter of the trunk measures approx. 35 to 45 cm and can be cut off for harvest.

The wood of the kiri tree is considered to be one of the finest woods in the world and, due to its light weight and yet high stability, is preferred in boat and aircraft construction, for surf and ski boards as well as for furniture and musical instruments. This special value is also reflected in the NAOS token.

Thanks to these fascinating properties of the kiri tree, the plantations also grow faster than any other. Regular appraisals determine the exact value of the plantations and facilities. The size, quality and yield of the Kiri trees are taken into account and define the value and further trend. The value of the NAOS token changes with every appraisal report. During the harvest season, the token eventually reaches its maximum value.

The advantages of the NAOS token at a glance:

Protected against inflation
The NAOS token is absolutely crisis-proof, inflation-protected and not dependent on the stock market.

Stable performance
The value of the NAOS token grows parallel to the growth of the plantations – regardless of currencies and markets.

Minimum term
The NAOS token offsets the only disadvantage of trees as an investment. It can easily be bought and sold again just as quickly.

Full transparency
The NAOS platform gives you full control and overview of your tokens.

Strongly growing market
Since 1990, wood as a raw material has seen a price increase of 1054%. The tendency is increasing in relation to the world population.

Environmental wonder
Due to its large leaves, the Kiri tree absorbs more CO2 than most other trees. One tree absorbs around 60 kg of CO2 per year.

Inspiration Factory CEO Hannes Sommer recognizes a multiple value in the cooperation and sees great potential for the future: “Wonderkiri is a modern and environmentally conscious project that offers everyone around the world a simple and crisis-proof way to increase their wealth. The special thing about this revolutionary business model: Unlike other offers in this segment, you benefit significantly from environmental and climate protection and at the same time give something great back to nature.”

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