The Revolutionary Future Of
Secure Online Communication

Messenger applications for all types of communications are dominating the world right now. It has become the easiest way in which we stay connected with friends, family and colleagues alike. All of this convenience, unfortunately, has come with a price.

The terms and conditions of the most popular messenger products clearly state they are exploiting you. We have become the “product” of these large companies. We are actively contributing to a data mining campaign that is at unparalleled levels today.

We as individuals are being bought and sold 24/7. And we never get a penny. Everything you type or say (business or personal) is stored in their databases for data mining purposes. Artificial Intelligence algorithms are being used to profile you and your content in ways you could never imagine.

That’s not what we signed up for when downloading the app.

• Your data is sold to the highest bidder.
• Your personal and business privacy is exposed.
• Your security is at risk.

So let us imagine if there was…

• an App in which your data was 100% yours and completely private – and never shared with third parties
• an App that shares all its revenue with its users forever…
• an App built on the XMPP protocol ready to scale millions of users…
• an App custom built for you and the Paraiba world family…

This is exactly what Paraiba Talk is all about. Freedom. Power. Security.

Paraiba Talk is a secure communications app that never stores, mines or shares your data. No exceptions – the only simple and safe solution for your personal and business communications. Keep your conversations where they belong – with you! By tapping into DeFi the Paraiba Chat App gives us the opportunity to personally become owners of the Paraiba Talk universe.

The best part? It’s free.

Simply download the app on iOS or Android to take back control of your data and your communication now!

Hannes Sommer, CEO of Inspiration Factory: „The Paraiba Talk eco-system offers us an ethical, encrypted, safe and private communication system. We will put in all efforts and experience to strengthen this genius brand. We need to unify and send a strong signal to the established Big Tech companies. Power to the people.“

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