German corporation Vissolar raises the bar in the field of energy self-sufficiency

With its solar hybrid energy system, the recently founded German corporation Vissolar is bringing a new type of solution onto the market and, according to its own statements, wants to make energy self-sufficiency accessible to as many people as possible in Germany.

Wolfgang Balthasar, founder and CEO of the company, describes the innovative overall concept: “To put it simply, I would describe Vissolar as a unique and completely independent energy hybrid system. You not only heat the entire house with free solar energy, you also produce all the household electricity you need, 365 days a year, regardless of whether it’s summer or winter.”

100% heat and electricity without fossil fuels

The special feature of VISSOLAR lies in the combination and optimal coordination of the components within the VISSOLAR hybrid solar home system. The modern hybrid collectors specially developed by VISSOLAR are coupled to the VISSOLAR solar heat pump and thus achieve up to 7,350 operating hours a year! The worldwide unique solar heat pump is installed in the house and uses a new heat source: the heat of the water in the buffer tank, which is preheated by the hybrid collectors. This means that 100% electricity and heat can be obtained from pure sunlight and 80% of the energy costs can be reduced immediately thanks to the efficient electricity storage! With the optional EnergyCloud, the VISSOLAR home system offers the possibility of 100% self-sufficiency.

“It can’t be the case that we are more and more at the mercy of the unpredictably high prices of energy suppliers today and especially in the future. An extreme burden, especially for families,” says Gernot Scheriau, Senior Director of Creative Media at the Inspiration Factory, environmental expert and technical consultant at Vissolar AG, on the rising energy prices. “With Vissolar, you completely detach yourself from the current madness and price gouging of the energy market. Whether summer or winter. You are 100% energy self-sufficient 365 days a year. There is currently no better solution on the market.”

Innovative Technology

The VISSOLAR energy system even offers the convenience of efficiently cooling the house on hot days and with little power consumption. An aspect that will become increasingly important in the years to come. Likewise, charging electric cars is becoming more and more of an issue. VISSOLAR effectively generates and stores electricity through the innovative VISSOLAR Green Hybrid Technology, which can then be used precisely for these requirements – without having to fear high electricity costs.

“With the 100% emission-free energy generation Vissolar makes an important contribution to the climate and thus also to the future of our planet.” Quote Elisabeth Schludermann, Senior Operations Manager of Gesundes Europa. “Vissolar is about bringing together the most proven and environmentally friendly technologies. This creates a completely new and forward-looking overall solution.”

Thanks to the high quality and seal of approval, the VISSOLAR energy system receives the maximum amount of government funding. Thanks to the cooperation with over 300 banks, there are also attractive financing options. CEO Balthasar: “Our goal at VISSOLAR is always the best result for our customers! You have to consider that you basically get an immediate return on your invested capital of up to 45% and through the savings in basic costs a subsequent return of over 10%”.

Gesundes Europa Environmental engineer Scheriau explains in his conclusion: “With the Vissolar system, you create a kind of safety island for yourself and your family. In these uncertain times, that is priceless.”

Changing your Heating system made easy

In order to sustainably reduce energy consumption and the associated emissions of greenhouse gases in the building sector, politicians have created incentives and support programs for the integration of efficient and environmentally friendly heating systems.

Hannes Sommer, CEO Inspiration Factory and VISSOLAR Head of Business Development, shareholder and board member of the german AG: “The factor that brings together end users and the objectives of the law are companies that offer the appropriate technologies. VISSOLAR offers a fundable, future-proof overall concept for electricity and heat that can be installed in almost every household as well as in the industrial sector.” The company is currently pushing the German market, but is also increasingly receiving international inquiries. Effective climate protection requires environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies, and VISSOLAR is already one of the best solutions on the market.

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